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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

May, 2015

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Protective Coatings for Waste Water Infrastructure

Preparing the surface ready for coatings

The Rise of Polyurethane Protective Coatings for Waste Water Infrastructure

Wastewater and treatment plants are subjected to intense and sustained chemical and water exposure that leads to the rapid degeneration of unprotected materials.

Exposed concrete in treatment plants is subject to erosion, and the deterioration of lime and other soluble compounds can jeopardise containment creating a hazardous risk to human health and damage to the surrounding natural environment.

Rhino Linings’ range of tailored solutions for treatment plants are an effective way to neutralise potential leakage and prevent concrete becoming compromised.

IMG_1207RhinoGuard 2195, RhinoChem 2170 and Rhino Pure Polyurea have been successfully utilised in a large number of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) systems throughout Australia.

The chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistant properties of Rhino Linings’ products assist in the prevention of concrete attack and erosion to help ensure the plant works to its optimum level with minimum maintenance and shutdown.

Rhino Linings assisted the Bendigo Sewage Treatment Plant storage reservoir where leaks had developed due to cracks forming in the floor. The STP walls were also subjected to effluent gases and chemical rich moisture placing additional risk on the facility’s integrity.

The solution was to cover the cracks and coat the concrete above the water line with RhinoGuard 2195 hybrid polyurethane .

With minimal interruption to the plant’s operation, Rhino Linings was able to restore the facility and provide enhanced protection against future breaches.


ClarifyerRhino Linings was selected as the premium option for the plant due the the fast turn around that is possible using our products.  All Rhino formulations have a gel time of 10 – 25 seconds and are tack free within minutes which reduce expensive downtime.

As with any application for corrosion, the protective coating system applied to concrete must demonstrate excellent adhesion and have a bond strength that exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete.

All Rhino Linings are high build (2mm to unlimited thickness) and exhibit excellent elongation, remain flexible year after year, adhere tenaciously and remain extremely durable in even the harshest environments.

Rhino Linings has a solution to meet the even the toughest challenge whether it’s protection from the corrosive characteristics of wastewater, safeguarding concrete from de-ionized water or shielding substrate from rust, corrosion and pitting.

From solvent-based coatings to no VOC’s 100% solids based coating, let Rhino Linings help you find a premium protective solution to protect your concrete substrate.


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