Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Rhino Shine Ultra – For That Fresh New Rhino Lined Look

Rhino Shine Ultra - for that fresh new Rhino Lined look

Rhino Shine Ultra was developed to bring the colour and shine back to a Rhino Linings spray applied ute tub and truck tray liners. It can even be used on a newly sprayed liner to help it look great longer.

Rhino Shine works well because it treats the surface where any UV damage is occurring.  It is available in five colours – graphite, flame red, emerald green, indigo blue and black – making it a great alternative to the UV Top coats.

Rhino Shine Ultra  also comes in a clear coat that will add shine to any ute liner.


Successfully applying Rhino Shine Ultra can be accomplished in these three easy steps:

  1. Clean the existing Rhino Lining – sweep or blow out all the big stuff, then scan the tray for oils, grease and wax spots. Remove any remaining contaminants using a cleaner or degreaser.
  2. Tape and mask off all the edges – you want to avoid getting Rhino Shine on painted areas, as it will stick and leave marks. We use masking tape to mask along the rail (if applying over the rail) and in the tailgate areas. You can skip taping and be extra careful with the paintbrush, but it really only takes a few minutes to tape off the perimeter of the truck bed. These extra few minutes will actually allow you to apply Rhino Shine faster and greatly reduce the change of “colouring outside the lines” 😉
  3. Brush or spray Rhino Shine Ultra on bed liner – the Rhino Shine is best applied with a paintbrush (or a HVLP spray gun if you have one).  Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Whether you spray or brush it on, coat the three walls first, then make your way backward down the floor and finish with the tailgate.

Rhino Shine Ultra coloursFrom start to finish you can count on a good 45-60 minutes to apply.

With one 16oz bottle, you would be able to cover one ute.

Rhino Shine dries quickly, although cold temperatures or high humidity will affect your drying times. It’s still much faster than the UV Top Coats which can take hours to dry, plus the liner will retain much of its non-side surface.

Rhino Shine Ultra ready does bring an old Rhino back to like-new condition.

Rhino Shine Ultra is available from our Rhino Online store

Military Blast Protection with Rhino Spray Applied Linings

Blast protection with Rhino Spray Applied Liners

Rhino Linings sprayed-on linings form a seamless blast protection providing exceptional structure integrity before, during and after a blast

It’s no secret that Rhino Linings has made a name for itself World Wide with its tough, long lasting ute bed and truck tray linings, but now these spray applied linings can be found protecting the lives of men and women deployed in strategic military locations throughout the world.

While many know of Rhino Linings for our superior protective solutions in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets, we has been quietly expanding our products and services into the Military with some amazing results.

Rhino Linings Australasian head office and manufacturing plant located on Queensland’s Gold Coast has been producing the US Military approved Rexar range of protective linings that have for over 20 years been used in composite amour for vehicles and structures. In addition the Rexar range of products can be found providing corrosion, abrasion, blast protection and blast mitigation solutions in military personnel carriers, helicopters, fleet vehicles, radar towers, bridges, airports, tank skins, field hospitals and mobile communication structures.

Independent testing conducted by New Mexico Tech Energetic Material Research and Testing Centre (EMRTC), proved that Rhino Linings Rexar successfully passed blast mitigating capabilities required for Government facilities.

EMRTC’s testing involved a reaction structure made of up two identical concrete block rooms side by side. The front wall of one structure was lined with the Rhino Linings Rexar product and the other was left in its standard concrete state. A blast was produced in front of the structures simulating a terrorist’s car bomb. During the blast the Rexar was successful in preventing the lined wall from becoming lethal shrapnel. The blast completely demolished the unprotected structure sending lethal shrapnel everywhere within the interior of the structure. The Rexar lined wall flexed under the force of the blast but returned to vertical and remained intact and standing firm.

With the increased measures by Governments around the world to find effective ways to combat terrorism, Rhino Linings is proud to provide a solution that has the capability to protect soldiers, citizens and structural assets.

Rexar provides a huge leap forward in anti-terrorism technology and one that will provide very immediate and tangible benefits for military personnel, equipment, embassies, courthouses and other structures where inhabitant protection is an issue.

Shitbox Rally, Raising Funds For the Fight Against Cancer

Brendon Munn and Andrew Blanch are Team Panda!

Rhino Linings is proud to be sponsoring Brendon Munn and Andrew Blanch who are set to take on the perilous outback in this year’s Shitbox Rally, Australia’s largest independently run fundraiser for Cancer Council.

Kicking off in Mackay on May 7, 2016 the team have set their sights on the challenge ahead as they travel to Tasmania. Joining 400 other participants, Brendon and Andrew will attempt to drive a car worth less than $1,000 across some of Australia’s most arduous roads, taking on the largest Shitbox Rally water crossing to date – all to raise much needed funds for cancer research.

Shitboxy Rally - Australia

Travelling from tropical Queensland to Tasmania’s wilderness, the guys will  be weaving their way through Eastern Australia where fancy dress is the norm, strangers are friends and duct tape, cable ties and chewing gum ensure your car makes it across the finish line.

This year, Shitbox Rally is aiming to raise $1.4 million in the fight against cancer.

If your business is interested in sponsoring Team Panda please contact the guys via email

To donate to Team Panda, visit their page at:



Shitbox Rally logoShitbox Rally is not a race but rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable: to drive cars worth $1,000 or less across Australia via some of its most arduous roads – all to raise money for cancer research. Shitbox Rally was founded in 2009 by James Freeman, after both of his parents died from cancer within 12 months of each other, as a way of raising money and awareness in the fight against cancer – a disease that now affects so many people. Over the last six years, Shitbox Rally has raised over $6.1 million for cancer research, making the rally the largest independent fundraiser for the Cancer Council.

For more details on rally requirements please visit

Bund Lining and Waterproofing Solutions

Rhino Linings – the experts when it comes to bund lining and waterproofing solutions

When it comes to bund lining and waterproofing, do you have issues with moving concrete substrates, liquid seepage, EPA bunding regulations or just a need to further protect your floors, landings, car parks and concrete tanks?

Bund lining and waterproofing solutions

Rhino Linings can provide superior spray applied protective solutions for all bund lining and waterproofing requirements.

Spray applied and seamless, a Rhino Linings waterproofing membranes totally eliminate potential weaknesses associated with other “joined” membrane products.

With the ability to bond to virtually any surface and the ability to transcend multiple substrates – the possibilities are truly endless.

Rhino bund lining and waterproofing solutions

With Rhino Linings products being a spray-applied polyurethane or pure polyurea, there are many advantages versus other products including:

  1. The products flexibility: Polyurethanes and polyureas move with your substrate and will not crack warp or peel.
  1. Cost Saving: Being spray applied to any thickness in one application, costly down time is significantly reduced compared to sheet lining and high build paint products ultimately saving you money.
  1. Instant Curing: Products are virtually instant curing so can be sprayed at any angle to totally encompass your application or were overhead coverage is required.

Rhino Linings is the manufacturer of the application equipment and of the products used.  This places us in a prime position to provide answers to your various requirements when it comes to waterproofing, containment, protection from vehicular traffic, impact, abrasion and corrosion from our suite of products, which are all designed to perform in differing environments.

Rhino Linings products are environmentally friendly.  They are solvent free, contain no V.O.C’s and even conform with stringent USA EPA regulations.

Additionally, select Rhino coating products have been certified for use in potable water applications and are AQIS accepted.

For further information you can contact Rhino Linings directly on 1300 887 780 to discuss your requirements or contact us to find out more about the Rhino Linings product range.

Rhino Linings Ute Liner Facts

Rhino Linings Ute Liner Facts

FAQs on Rhino Linings… Ute Liners or RhinoTub liners

The Rhino ute liner is the brand most asked for by name when potential customers are making enquiries about ute tub and truck tray liners.  Other questions can include the following:


Does Rhino come in Colours?

  • Yes, Rhino comes in 8 standard colours that can be introduced at the gun head eliminating pre-mixing, waste and costly flushing and colour change over time. For more information on colours download the  Rhino TS Colour Chart

How Important is Colour to the Ute Lining Market?

  • Our experience at Rhino is that 95% of all customers are happy with black.
  • The 5% that want colour are catered for with our 100% aliphatic top coats or our pure aliphatic urethane systems.

Does Rhino Fade?           

  • All Aromatic urethanes will lose their “gloss” but Rhino products are 100% UV stable their mechanical performance is not altered.
  • Rhino has a treatment called RhinoShine Ultra that will restore gloss quickly and easily.  Rhinoshine Ultra is available for purchase from our RhinoOnline webstore.

How Thick is a Rhino liner?

  • Rhino Liners are a minimum 0f 4mm on all floor areas and 2mm on all side walls. Rhino is NOT a paint.
  • Rhino can be applied to any thickness in just one application – no multiple coats saving time.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a Rhino Ute Liner?

  • As a general guide an average ute bed can be completed in 2 ½ – 3 hours from start to finish and returned to the customer within 30 minutes of being sprayed.

Can You Roll on Rhino?

  • No. Rhino is not a paint product it cannot be brushed on, rolled on or sprayed on using standard paint application spray equipment.
  • Products that can be rolled on or brushed on must be carried in solvents and Rhino contains no solvents as it is 100% solids and requires proprietary application equipment to apply.

Can I do It Myself?

  • Rhino Linings polyurethanes are spray on. Even if you have spray equipment, the Rhino product hardens within 10-12 seconds. So the two components are mixed at the tip and not in the tank.  Unless you have the proper spray equipment, you will foul your lines and tank with a thick, hardened and impenetrable Rhino filling.

Can Fibre additives be Incorporated into Rhino?

  • Yes they can but we see no need for this as even our military applications do not require the addition of Kevlar fibres to meet required physical characteristics.
  • We do not believe there are any significant benefits to a ute bed customer of incorporating fibre additives to a ute bed lining.

Do Rhino Ute Liners Come with a Warranty?

  • The nationwide warranty program reinforces Rhino Linings reputation for producing the longest lasting, most durable spray ute liner in the world.
  • The Rhino Linings Australasia Nationwide Warranty system covers:
    • Automotive applications only
    • Rhino TUFF STUFF only
    • Cracking, peeling, warping for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.
  • If you have a warranty claim, simply take your vehicle to your nearest Rhino Linings dealer, along with your warranty certificate, for inspection.


Want to know more about Rhino Ute tub and tray linings?

Give us a call at Head Office on 1300 887 780 and speak to our sales manager.  Alternatively we can put you in touch with your local Rhino Linings approved automotive applicator.

17 Reasons to use Rhino Linings Protective Coatings

Rhino Linings Protective Coatings

Rhino Linings spray applied protective coatings provide optimal impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance. 



Rhino Linings protective coatings are used for a wide range of automotive, commercial and industrial applications. Our Polyurethanes and Pure Polyureas are used extensively in mine sites, waste water treatment plants, through to automotive applications world wide.

Below we list:

17 reasons why you should ask for Rhino Linings by name.

  1. Rhino Linings 100% solids formulations are tack-free within 40 seconds, which helps keep your down time to a minimum.
  2. Rhino Linings protect against chemicals, corrosion, impact and abrasion.
  3. Rhino Linings permanently adhere to virtually any substrate, including wood, concrete, fiberglass, plastic, metals, steel, copper, geotextile and other surfaces.
  4. Rhino Linings non-porous polyurethane is easy to maintain.
  5. Rhino Linings is environmentally friendly, containing no VOCs or CFCs.
  6. Rhino Linings can be spray cast to any desired thickness.
  7. Rhino Linings can be pigmented to match any colour code.
  8. Rhino Linings provide non-skid textures from fine to course. Aggregates, oxides and slags can be added to maximize non-skid qualities.
  9. Rhino Linings is a vertically integrated company, blending its own chemicals and assembling the equipment used to spray the chemicals. This allows us to better assist applicators or customers with any step of the Rhino Linings process.
  10. Rhino Linings will not crack, delaminate or split form repeated flexing.
  11. Rhino Linings offers UV Topcoat and Rhino Shine Ultra to protect linings from sun damage.
  12. Rhino Linings ongoing commitment to research and development keeps our equipment and materials # 1 in the spray-on polyurethane industry.
  13. Rhino Linings produces a family of formulations to meet the diverse needs or our customer base.
  14. Rhino Linings has proven its abilities in many industries, including foundry, petrochemical, plating, mining, aggregate, transportation, material handling, marine, secondary and primary containment.
  15. Rhino Linings can help companies meet regulatory guidelines for ambient noise levels.
  16. Rhino Linings formulations remain stable in extreme temperature conditions – from -400C to 790C
  17. In extremely abrasive environments, Rhino Linings can be used as a sacrificial lining, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment maintenance and replacement costs.

Rhino Linings Industrial protective coatings… there are so many benefits that come with choosing Rhino Linings spray applied protective coatings.

If you are seriously looking to reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of your vehicle, equipment or infrastructure and minimise downtime, why not contact us – we are sure to have a solution to meet your individual requirements.

Spray Applied Protective Coatings for WWTP Inlet Tunnel

Polyurea and Polyurethane protective coatings for raw sewage inlet

The use of Spray Applied Protective Coatings for WWTP Facilities is Increasing.

Read More

Rhino Linings Spray Applied Ute Liners

Rhino Linings Ute Liners – the Ute Liner Most Asked for by Name

Rhino Linings is recognised the world over as the sprayed on protective liner company.  Our polyurethane products are used to protect utes, trucks, 4WDs, prime movers, trailers, boats, flooring, buildings, military vehicles, horse floats, industrial equipment and much more.

Rhino TUFF STUFF®, the hallmark of Rhino Linings sprayed-on liners, provides superior protection against rust, corrosion, impact and surface abrasion because it permanently bonds to the substrate totally eliminating corrosion and abrasion, keeping your investment looking and performing its best. TUFF STUFF® also comes with a National Lifetime Warranty*.

You can trust Rhino Linings for the toughest protection against even the harshest elements, it has been engineered to withstand the severe cold of Mt Kosciusko as well as the intense heat of central and northern Australia, add to that the superior protection against fuels, fertilizers and most corrosive chemicals and you have a product that will serve and protect your ute, boat, 4WD or trailer as long as you need it.

Beware of Rhino Linings imitators Rhino’s non-skid, solvent-free linings are sprayed on up to 4mm thick on ute beds (Don’t let anyone sell you anything less) – and even thicker for other applications. Quite simply, paint and thin coatings are no match for that kind of protection, nor are they like a plastic drop in liner that simply sits in the back, Rhino’s spray applied liners are sprayed in and set in 20 seconds providing a life time of substrate protection.

So what is the difference between spray applied Rhino Linings ute liners and plastic drop-in liners?

Drop in liners are typically slippery and don’t hold cargo in place. They can shift in the bed, scratching the surface underneath causing abrasion and eventual corrosion. They can also crack, warp and trap water.

Rhino Linings’ versatile spray-on formula forms a permanent bond with nearly any surface, including metal, wood, concrete, rubber and fibreglass. Its impenetrable and permanent sprayed-on bond leaves no room for air or water, which means no rust. Rhino Linings’ durable, non-slip surface keeps your cargo in place and the linings won’t crack, warp or peel.

You can trust Rhino’s strong and lasting protection – rain or shine – to keep your ute bed in great shape. And Rhino is available in virtually any colour to complement your vehicle’s appearance. That means you can rely on Rhino Linings for attractive and durable watertight and airtight protection for a wide variety of practical applications…on land, in the water and just about everywhere in between.

Rhino’s sprayed on linings can be installed in around 3 hours, so you can drop your vehicle off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.

Proof of an original Rhino Ute Liner - Rhino Name Plate

Remember, Rhino Linings can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface for durable and long lasting protection. Grille guards and bumpers, rocker panels, fender flares, and floor wells are just some further examples.  Rhino can be used on anything you can think of that will benefit from outstanding protection and corrosion resistance.

Are you a hard working, hard playing person that demands the toughest performance possible from your work and play vehicles? Let RHINO LININGS protect your expensive asset from rust, corrosion, abrasion, stone chips and dents.


* For a long as you own the vehicle. Warranty not transferable

Protective Coatings for Waste Water Infrastructure

Preparing the surface ready for coatings

The Rise of Polyurethane Protective Coatings for Waste Water Infrastructure

Wastewater and treatment plants are subjected to intense and sustained chemical and water exposure that leads to the rapid degeneration of unprotected materials.

Exposed concrete in treatment plants is subject to erosion, and the deterioration of lime and other soluble compounds can jeopardise containment creating a hazardous risk to human health and damage to the surrounding natural environment.

Rhino Linings’ range of tailored solutions for treatment plants are an effective way to neutralise potential leakage and prevent concrete becoming compromised.

IMG_1207RhinoGuard 2195, RhinoChem 2170 and Rhino Pure Polyurea have been successfully utilised in a large number of Water Treatment Plants (WTP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) systems throughout Australia.

The chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistant properties of Rhino Linings’ products assist in the prevention of concrete attack and erosion to help ensure the plant works to its optimum level with minimum maintenance and shutdown.

Rhino Linings assisted the Bendigo Sewage Treatment Plant storage reservoir where leaks had developed due to cracks forming in the floor. The STP walls were also subjected to effluent gases and chemical rich moisture placing additional risk on the facility’s integrity.

The solution was to cover the cracks and coat the concrete above the water line with RhinoGuard 2195 hybrid polyurethane .

With minimal interruption to the plant’s operation, Rhino Linings was able to restore the facility and provide enhanced protection against future breaches.


ClarifyerRhino Linings was selected as the premium option for the plant due the the fast turn around that is possible using our products.  All Rhino formulations have a gel time of 10 – 25 seconds and are tack free within minutes which reduce expensive downtime.

As with any application for corrosion, the protective coating system applied to concrete must demonstrate excellent adhesion and have a bond strength that exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete.

All Rhino Linings are high build (2mm to unlimited thickness) and exhibit excellent elongation, remain flexible year after year, adhere tenaciously and remain extremely durable in even the harshest environments.

Rhino Linings has a solution to meet the even the toughest challenge whether it’s protection from the corrosive characteristics of wastewater, safeguarding concrete from de-ionized water or shielding substrate from rust, corrosion and pitting.

From solvent-based coatings to no VOC’s 100% solids based coating, let Rhino Linings help you find a premium protective solution to protect your concrete substrate.


VIDEO – Rhino Linings Ute Liner application

If you are wondering whats involved in applying a Rhino Linings ute liner check out this video by Rhino Linings Perth (Beam Rustproofing).

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