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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

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Restoration of Hangar Floors with Rhino ArmaFloor 500

Rhino ArmaFloor 500 DF



When concrete floors age they become discoloured, stained, cracked, chipped, and weakened.

These were the same problems Qantas Defence Services needed to be addressed when it came time to upgrade the 60-year-old concrete floor of the RAAF Base Richmond hangar.

Due to budgetary constraints replacement of the floor was out of the question, restoration was the only way forward.

Tenderers were required to address certain criteria to win the project. In addition to the more mechanical properties of a suitable floor coating such as strength, durability and chemical resistance, the product had to be easy to clean, exhibit a high gloss finish and be aesthetically pleasing.

A variety of concrete floor coatings were considered for this particular project, however, Rhino ArmaFloor 500 was selected for its strength and durability and the products other features and benefits.


All cracks and damaged concrete were repaired prior to being primed with ArmaFloor® 300 ECO. This product was specifically chosen for its ability to bond exceptionally well to existing concrete substrates.

Rhino Linings ArmaFloor 500, a strong durable polyaspartic floor coating used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, was fit for purpose.

This product offers a fast 24-hour return to service, exhibits excellent UV resistance and provided that high gloss finish required by management.

The product was especially suitable for this project due to ArmaFloor 500 excellent chemical resistance against fluids such as skydrol, motor oils, and other hazardous transmission fluids.


Combined, these two products met the required specifications of Qantas Defence Services, including the ease of cleaning, strength, durability, chemical resistance and provision of that aesthetically pleasing and professional look to the hangar floor.

Suffice to say, management was extremely satisfied with the end result.

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