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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Concrete Floor Coating Options

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Adding Colour and Life to Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors are not Cold and Boring

Upon taking a closer look, you will soon find that with the right type of coating a concrete floor can radiate a beautiful contemporary finish that is pleasing to the eye and very easy to maintain.

Concrete floors are extremely versatile

By adding a glossy finish, dyes, acid stains or even the new metallic fusion you can achieve a distinctive and striking effect that will have your concrete floor looking first class all year round and  even more, extend the living spaces in your home.

Many people are seriously considering the versatile range of concrete floor coatings available such as high gloss epoxy, polyaspartic, acid stain and metal fusion for numerous  reasons including:

    • Concrete floors are eco friendly; after all, you are using material already available, just bringing out its natural beauty.
    • Concrete floors are energy efficient;  when used indoors it is surprising to find that concrete will actually hold its warmth  in winter and keep you cooler during those hot summer  months.   You can even save on energy costs if you have an in-floor heating system installed, but that’s another story.
    • Coated concrete floors are dust free and easy to clean;  Allergies are a growing concern for many these days, having a floor covering that is easy to clean, doesn’t harbour allergens  or release harmful chemicals is a necessity .
    • Concrete floors have a prolonged life; Stained floors that are polished and maintained regularly can last a lifetime, and as we know concrete is less vulnerable to damage.

Isn’t it time you thought outside the square when it comes floor coverings for your lounge room,  family room, entrance way, rumpus room, even outdoor entertainment areas?  With a touch of creative imagination, a flooring contractor who considers himself as a bit of an artisan, you too can start enjoying the luxurious richness and colour that acid stain, dye or metal fusion can bring to your home.

Rhino decorative concrete floors


Fast-Setting Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Rhino Flooring polyaspartic flooring

Polyaspartic, a similar product to polyurea, is a relatively new class of floor coating system. Polyaspartic is starting to gain quite a bit of popularity among applicators in the flooring marketing and this is mostly due to its fast setting characteristics.  Polyaspartic floor coating systems provide flooring applicators with the distinct advantage of being able to professionally install a strong, durable, protective floor coating in less than a day, and that’s from start to finish!*

Further to the obvious advantage of its quick installation, polyaspartic floor coatings can be applied to full thickness in one coat and has been proven to provide greater abrasion and impact resistance than epoxy floors. With excellent bonding characteristics and UV stability, polyaspartics are suitable for residential and commercial applications including, but definitely not limited to:

  • garage floors
  • driveways
  • walkways
  • retail facilities
  • new car showrooms
  • warehouses
  • office spaces

Although polyaspartic can be more expensive than other coatings, such as epoxy, it is important to factor in the extra expense by taking into account reduced applicator labour costs and down time. Think of it this way … in the case of a regular one to two car garage floor, you can be walking on it that same day, have your belongings moved back in that evening and park your car in the garage the next day.  With polyaspartic floor coatings you don’t have to wait 4 or 5 days to use your space again.

Polyaspartic floor coatings also give you the option to personalise your floor with beautiful colour combinations.  With the inclusion of metallic pigments, acid stains, dyes, decorative vinyl flake chips or quartz beads (for added slip resistance), in fact you can add just about anything to this versatile coating, you can rest assured knowing that your floor will be unique and match your surrounding décor colours.

So, if you are looking at the numerous flooring options available on the market and want a floor covering that not only looks good, but is abrasion resistant, UV stable, easy to clean and can stand up to the day to day combat, I am sure will be surprised and delighted at the many features and benefits a polyaspartic flooring system has to offer.

To be fair, it must be noted here that the one day install is subject to the size of the job and weather condition.  Check with your flooring applicator to discuss your requirements.

The Ease of Cleaning Epoxy Makes Supplies Nearly Obsolete

One of the most important factors businesses consider when choosing flooring material is in the long term clean up requirements. They want a floor that is highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and one that will require little maintenance. The savvy business owner knows that he gets all of those qualities when he chooses to coat his floors with epoxy. Supplies for cleaning almost become a thing of the past, as does the labour involved.
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Two Pack Floor Coatings: The Perfect Solution

There is no debating the quality and strength of epoxy floor coatings. They are highly durable and can add years to the life of your floor. Two pack floor coatings, one of the many types of epoxy floor coatings available, are ideal for cement, concrete and non-ferrous metal floors. In other words, two pack floor coatings work best on porous, rough materials. There are many benefits to coating your floors with this type of product, a few of which are listed below.
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Cut Down on Your Floor Maintenance with a Polished Concrete Floor

Did you know that a polished concrete floor has a lot of benefits?  One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it helps to cut down on the amount of maintenance that you must do for the flooring.  Maintaining your floors can be quite time consuming, which is why so many people opt for polished concrete flooring.  Take a look at how these floors can reduce the amount of maintenance you must do.
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Tips for Purchasing Two Pack Floor Coatings

If you are in the market for two pack floor coatings, you may not know exactly what it is that you are looking for.  There are a variety of different reasons that you may choose to coat your floors, but mostly it has to do with giving the floors added protection.
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How to Achieve True Industrial Style in Your Home

Industrial design takes the materials of traditional construction and uses them to create beautiful living space. You can use industrial design in lofts and condos and use it sparingly for kitchens or recreation areas in your home. Regardless of where you use it, there are certain design criteria that makes for true industrial spaces.
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The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Paint

Paint your floors? Yes, believe it or not, painting your floors can add years to their life, as well as drastically improve appearance. Let’s take a look in a little more detail about the benefits of epoxy floor paint.
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Concrete Sealers

Concrete is one of the most rugged flooring surfaces available.  With proper treatments, you can transform concrete into appropriate flooring for a wide range of settings.  When in search of concrete sealers to add a layer of protection to your flooring, Rhino Linings is the place to come.  We’ve got a full collection of flooring products to enhance the durability and beauty of existing concrete floors.  Let us deliver superior service for home and business applications.  Our team can assist with every step of the process – from selection to application and beyond.  When you’re ready to shop our collection of concrete sealers, the Rhino Linings team is here to help.
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Concrete Rejuvenation

Do you have a concrete surface that looks worn, dull, and dingy?  Consider concrete rejuvenation from Rhino Linings.  Our collection of flooring solutions allow you to utilise existing flooring while enjoying the benefits that come with a new floor installation.  With our unique and tested application process you can rest assured that you’ll achieve the desired look and durability for your concrete surface.  We are here to assist with concrete flooring in residential, commercial, industrial, and military settings.  Let us deliver the results you need to transform your flooring from dull to delightful.  Read more about our rejuvenation services for concrete.
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