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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Mining Site Applications

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Minesite Water Evaporators

Water Evaporator - minesite applications

Is it a Canon? Is it a Rocket Blaster? No, it’s a Water Evaporator!

When asking our Australian Rhino Linings dealers to send in images of unusual applications, I had to take a second look at this particular job.

Was Darrin, our Rhino Linings Newcastle applicator actually spraying canons?  Maybe they were rocket blasters?

On taking a second look I realised  that no, it wasn’t the case at all.  I was on the right track though, with further investigation I found that these “canons” were actually Water Evaporators.

Developed by Minetek® and used on mining and industrial sites throughout Africa, Australia, North and South America, these Water Evaporators accelerate the natural evaporation process of wastewater.  They do this by propelling (blowing) water high into the atmosphere where it dissipates. This “Flash Evaporation” system is efficient even in the most humid of conditions and hugely effective for dewatering services and mine site wastewater management.

Corrosion Protection for Minesite Equipment

Rhino Linings Newcastle coated these particular water evaporators with RhinoGuard 2185 to protect against corrosion.  Another advantage is that this application will even extend the life of the equipment.

Water Evaporator - minesite applications  IMG_20160609_161435

Rhino Linings provide a range of polyurethane and pure polyurea spray applied coatings, some of which have been specifically manufactured for the long term protection of mine site equipment against corrosion, abrasion and impact.

For more information about these water evaporators visit the Minetek® website.

Rhino sprayed on polyurethane protection for Hi-Rail Truck

Hi-Rail Isuzu Truck

Hi-Rail Trucks – Rail Maintenance Vehicles

Built for FMG Mining, this Isuzu truck is fitted with a Hi-Rail system which means it has Train Wheels and drive system on the front and rear and therefore can travel on the clients rail line.  The truck can drive on regular roads using its rubber wheels.  When it gets to a rail line, it straddles the rail line, and the HiRail units fold down lifting the truck off its rubber wheels.

The role of this vehicle is to carry equipment along the rail line and perform track maintenance.

Now the question is why did they go to all the trouble of coating the entire underbody, chassis, diffs, Hi-Rail unit,  diesel and air tanks? 

Well, the answer is simple – Most of the roads this truck travels on to, and from, the rail line are mainly gravel which is sprayed with water 24hrs a day for dust suppression.  It is a waste to use good clean drinking water so they often use second grade reclaimed water from dams or the ocean and it is very salty.

Salt Water + Dirt + chipped paint = RUST !

… and very quickly it will rust – this truck is worth about $500,000 so they would like it to last up to 10 years.

So from both a cost saving and ease of application perspective we use a combination of High Build Industrial Epoxy and Rhino Linings polyurethane coating system.

First, everything is sprayed with a 300µm DFT coating of our High Build black Epoxy (known as Beamastic). This product also provides an excellent primer or base for the Rhino product.

Then we simply spray Rhino Duraspray on anything we think will cop the flying debris.  This is typically the chassis rails near the rear wheels, the fuel and auxiliary tanks that stick out the side, both diffs, and in this case, the Hi-Rail units mainly because they are very expensive and the client wanted the added insurance of the double coating (Epoxy and Rhino)

Work completed by Beam Rustproofing located in Belmont WA.
For further information contact Beam on (08) 9325 1399

Mining Trucks – heavy vehicle protection

Rhino Linings provides heavy vehicle protection

Large mining trucks are the cornerstone of the mining industry, moving material such as coal, sand, rock and ore.  They are built tough for the terrain they work in, but sometimes some added protection is required due to the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site.  Following are three case studies of work completed by Rhino Linings of Singleton, NSW Australia.

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