Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Concrete Rejuvenation: The New Interior Design Element

Concrete made a grand entry with the introduction of industrial interior design. It was used as edgy, iconoclastic flooring in cities like Manhattan and Toronto, Vancouver and London. It became a little more mainstream and many Australian homes have adopted concrete for their housing floor of choice. But concrete has many more applications and leading edge designers are using it for every aspect of design from surfaces to furniture.


We won’t mention floors because they are now a well-known and accepted aspect of home interiors. However, concrete walls are making their appearance in every style of interior design imaginable. From Cape Cod style with a white washed effect to Zen like décor with a Japanese vibe. Applications of cement walls are making an exciting and versatile option in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Sinks and Tubs

Both the bathroom and the kitchen have embraced the concrete element using artistically moulded sinks and tubs. Kitchen counters offer smooth, warm concrete that catches the eye and brings one massive piece encompassing the entire gamut of counter and sink. In fact, some design pioneers have designed complete kitchen cabinets, counters and sinks in full concrete. Almost a little too Fred Flintstone for most tastes.


A very creative, modular design creates rounded corner boxes with concrete exteriors in multi, muted colours and a wood veneer interior that gives it a modern design vibe, complete with 60’s teak.


From coffee tables to chairs, yes chairs, concrete has been used to create urban chic furniture designs. Concrete is a completely mouldable material allowing for soft edges, artfully moulded shapes and interesting textures. A table here, a chair there, keeps things from looking Stone Age and instead achieves a gallery piece in the corner or centre of the room.

Concrete Rejuvenation

Homes are also rejuvenating old concrete aspects of their homes from driveways to patios and walkways to the front door. Don’t dig it up; recreate it for a whole new look slightly retro with an exterior designer edge.

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