Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Food Grade Epoxy Coatings

Food grade epoxy coatings are an essential requirement for all food manufacturers. Food manufacturing is the kind of industry that is regulated heavily by strict regulations regarding health and safety. It is for good reason to as if it doesn’t then it can result in many safety problems for workers and in worst cases, outbreaks of food poisoning.

It doesn’t take much for an outbreak of food poisoning to occur in a food manufacturing plant. Bacteria grows easily and very quickly. There is also the safety of the workers that needs to be considered as well because if there are spills on the floor then it can make for a very hazardous situation for workers.

Food grade epoxy coatings are an important for for food manufacturers to make sure that such outbreaks and injuries don’t occur. If there are ever spills or dangerous liquids spilt on the floor then epoxy coatings will help prevent any serious damage occurring to the floor. Dangerous liquids can cause damage to flooring in the form of burning if the dangerous liquids are of that sort. This makes epoxy coatings so important for safety.

The primary reason why food grade epoxy coatings are so important is to prevent any of the situations mentioned above occurring. Not only that but food grade epoxy coatings will keep all the health and safety authorities off your back. Having these in place ensures that you, as a food manufacturer, are satisfying some of the most important health and safety regulations demanded by the industry.

Food poisoning is something that every food manufacturer should take seriously. It is a major safety issue if outbreaks of food poisoning occur. To add to that you also have the hefty fines and various other liabilities that will occur as a result of it.

In order to successfully satisfy the health and safety authorities you need food grade epoxy coatings in your food manufacturing plant. Get in touch with Rhino Lining for all your food grade epoxy coatings.

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