Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Non & Anti Slip Flooring

For any business, it’s essential that high safety standards be maintained at all times.  One of the main concerns when considering safety will be the flooring.  Certain floor surfaces can become slippery – creating a dangerous setting for employees as well as customers.  In order to avoid injuries, it’s essential that you consider non & anti slip flooring from Rhino Linings.  Our collection of flooring products offer superior slip resistance along with aesthetics you won’t find with other flooring solutions.  We offer a full range of colour options as well as customisation solutions to ensure you achieve the look you want while improving slip resistance and safety.

Quality Flooring Solutions

At Rhino Linings, we feature a full collection of innovative flooring solutions to improve the appearance and durability of your flooring.  We have flooring for a wide range of applications, including industrial, domestic, commercial, and others.  Whether you’re in need of assistance with a large commercial setting or a small residential area, we are here to help.  Our flooring experts are able to offer advice as you seek the best non & anti slip flooring for your needs.  Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes in order to achieve the desired results.  Our flooring improves durability, is maintenance free, and offers the slip resistance you’re after.

Rhino Linings Flooring

Now that you’ve found us, your quest for the best slip resistant flooring is over.  We make it easy to find the look and style that will work best for your business or home.  We have flooring options including Epoxy Flooring, Flake Flooring, Polyaspartic Flooring, and others.  For assistance, contact the Rhino Linings team on 1300 88 77 80.

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