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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Rhino Linings Ute Liner Facts

Rhino Linings Ute Liner Facts

FAQs on Rhino Linings… Ute Liners or RhinoTub liners

The Rhino ute liner is the brand most asked for by name when potential customers are making enquiries about ute tub and truck tray liners.  Other questions can include the following:


Does Rhino come in Colours?

  • Yes, Rhino comes in 8 standard colours that can be introduced at the gun head eliminating pre-mixing, waste and costly flushing and colour change over time. For more information on colours download the  Rhino TS Colour Chart

How Important is Colour to the Ute Lining Market?

  • Our experience at Rhino is that 95% of all customers are happy with black.
  • The 5% that want colour are catered for with our 100% aliphatic top coats or our pure aliphatic urethane systems.

Does Rhino Fade?           

  • All Aromatic urethanes will lose their “gloss” but Rhino products are 100% UV stable their mechanical performance is not altered.
  • Rhino has a treatment called RhinoShine Ultra that will restore gloss quickly and easily.  Rhinoshine Ultra is available for purchase from our RhinoOnline webstore.

How Thick is a Rhino liner?

  • Rhino Liners are a minimum 0f 4mm on all floor areas and 2mm on all side walls. Rhino is NOT a paint.
  • Rhino can be applied to any thickness in just one application – no multiple coats saving time.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a Rhino Ute Liner?

  • As a general guide an average ute bed can be completed in 2 ½ – 3 hours from start to finish and returned to the customer within 30 minutes of being sprayed.

Can You Roll on Rhino?

  • No. Rhino is not a paint product it cannot be brushed on, rolled on or sprayed on using standard paint application spray equipment.
  • Products that can be rolled on or brushed on must be carried in solvents and Rhino contains no solvents as it is 100% solids and requires proprietary application equipment to apply.

Can I do It Myself?

  • Rhino Linings polyurethanes are spray on. Even if you have spray equipment, the Rhino product hardens within 10-12 seconds. So the two components are mixed at the tip and not in the tank.  Unless you have the proper spray equipment, you will foul your lines and tank with a thick, hardened and impenetrable Rhino filling.

Can Fibre additives be Incorporated into Rhino?

  • Yes they can but we see no need for this as even our military applications do not require the addition of Kevlar fibres to meet required physical characteristics.
  • We do not believe there are any significant benefits to a ute bed customer of incorporating fibre additives to a ute bed lining.

Do Rhino Ute Liners Come with a Warranty?

  • The nationwide warranty program reinforces Rhino Linings reputation for producing the longest lasting, most durable spray ute liner in the world.
  • The Rhino Linings Australasia Nationwide Warranty system covers:
    • Automotive applications only
    • Rhino TUFF STUFF only
    • Cracking, peeling, warping for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.
  • If you have a warranty claim, simply take your vehicle to your nearest Rhino Linings dealer, along with your warranty certificate, for inspection.


Want to know more about Rhino Ute tub and tray linings?

Give us a call at Head Office on 1300 887 780 and speak to our sales manager.  Alternatively we can put you in touch with your local Rhino Linings approved automotive applicator.

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