Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Spray Applied Protective Coatings for WWTP Inlet Tunnel

Polyurea and Polyurethane protective coatings for raw sewage inlet

The use of Spray Applied Protective Coatings for WWTP Facilities is Increasing.

H2S gas (hydrogen sulphide) is highly corrosive and an element that impacts greatly on waste water and sewage treatment plant infrastructure.

The concrete structure of this raw sewage inlet tunnel was beginning to corrode from the harsh corrosive environment experienced from raw sewage flowing into the balance tank (collection chamber) at the Coombabah Waste Water Treatment Plant. The issue was further compounded by the use of covers placed over the tunnel, something that all WWTP’s do in an effort to address odour control, which led to stronger concentrations of H2S gas in the vapour space. This gas, although removed by the treatment plants foul air system, is a high concentrate of hydrogen sulphide and caused further damage to the concrete walls of the tunnel leading to cracking, spalling and pitting. Remedial action was needed to protect the concrete tunnel from further degradation.

Rhino Linings spray applied protective coatings provides numerous solutions to combat H2S gas attack experienced in Waste Water Treatment Plants. In this case, two products were recommended by the applicator to protect the concrete from further attack – RhinoChem 2170 Polyurethane and Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea.

Rhino WWTP application

Why two products?

RhinoChem 2170 is highly cross linked polyurethane, this results in a surface coating that is virtually impenetrable and one that provides superior protection against chemical attack, abrasion and corrosion. RhinoChem 2170 was spray applied to the upper sections and internals of the raw sewage inlet tunnel.

In addition to its high abrasion and corrosion resistant properties Rhino PP1195 Pure Polyurea, was specified due to its added elastomeric properties that allow for substantial substrate movement. The bottom section of the tunnel was sprayed with Rhino PP1195.

Although each product has it’s unique benefits and properties, both have excellent adhesion, are high build and have fast cure times – a major cost benefit factor for facility owners as minimal downtime is experienced and there is a faster return to service.

Rhino Linings has a range of Polyurethane and Pure Polyurea coatings suitable for use in many wastewater applications including inlet works, digesters, pump stations, clarifiers and wet wells.

Contract Rhino Linings head office on 1300 887 780 or your nearest Rhino Linings Industrial applicator for more information.

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