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Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Concrete Floor Polishing

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Metal Fusion – a Touch of Elegance for Concrete Floors

Metal Fusion epoxy flooring

Concrete Floor Coatings – Add a touch of elegance with Metal Fusion

Metal Fusion is a stylish, metallic floor coating  which is designed to bring a seamless showroom, glossy finish to any concrete floor. With a three-dimensional look, ordinary floors  come to life with beautiful vibrant colours and depth.

Metal Fusion provides a durable designer finish, making it ideal for use in the home, commercial premises, showrooms, night clubs and so much more.

Being a glossy floor coating Metal Fusion is easy to clean and maintain

With Metal Fusion you have the ability to create an original decorative floor using one colour or mix and match to create that one of a kind, highly unique work of art.   With eleven colours to choose from the decorative concrete possibilities are infinite.

Metal Fusion by Rhino Linings

Adding Colour and Life to Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors are not Cold and Boring

Upon taking a closer look, you will soon find that with the right type of coating a concrete floor can radiate a beautiful contemporary finish that is pleasing to the eye and very easy to maintain.

Concrete floors are extremely versatile

By adding a glossy finish, dyes, acid stains or even the new metallic fusion you can achieve a distinctive and striking effect that will have your concrete floor looking first class all year round and  even more, extend the living spaces in your home.

Many people are seriously considering the versatile range of concrete floor coatings available such as high gloss epoxy, polyaspartic, acid stain and metal fusion for numerous  reasons including:

    • Concrete floors are eco friendly; after all, you are using material already available, just bringing out its natural beauty.
    • Concrete floors are energy efficient;  when used indoors it is surprising to find that concrete will actually hold its warmth  in winter and keep you cooler during those hot summer  months.   You can even save on energy costs if you have an in-floor heating system installed, but that’s another story.
    • Coated concrete floors are dust free and easy to clean;  Allergies are a growing concern for many these days, having a floor covering that is easy to clean, doesn’t harbour allergens  or release harmful chemicals is a necessity .
    • Concrete floors have a prolonged life; Stained floors that are polished and maintained regularly can last a lifetime, and as we know concrete is less vulnerable to damage.

Isn’t it time you thought outside the square when it comes floor coverings for your lounge room,  family room, entrance way, rumpus room, even outdoor entertainment areas?  With a touch of creative imagination, a flooring contractor who considers himself as a bit of an artisan, you too can start enjoying the luxurious richness and colour that acid stain, dye or metal fusion can bring to your home.

Rhino decorative concrete floors


How to Achieve True Industrial Style in Your Home

Industrial design takes the materials of traditional construction and uses them to create beautiful living space. You can use industrial design in lofts and condos and use it sparingly for kitchens or recreation areas in your home. Regardless of where you use it, there are certain design criteria that makes for true industrial spaces.
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