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Rhino ArmaFloor – Ultimate Marine Flooring Protection

Marine Coatings - Cabin Floor

Slip Resistant Coatings for Marine Applications

Rhino ArmaFloor provides a range of slip resistant coatings for marine flooring protection including decks, pontoons and galleys.  These floor coatings not only look good, but are easy to clean and intolerant to the formation of algae, bacteria, and other growths.


Slip Resistant  |  Durable  |  Seamless  |  Easy to Clean 


Rhino Linings Epoxy Floors for Marine Flooring Protection

If you own a boat, you know how important it is to maintain safe flooring for your deck and other access areas on your vessel.  Safety is paramount for both you and your crew especially when it comes to the issue of a slippery boat deck, a regular occurrence particularly if you are a fishing enthusiast. Rhino ArmaFloor provides an exceptional non-slip coating to help alleviate this problem.

One key point to always keep top of mind is that there is no such thing as “non skid” surface! It does not matter what anyone tries to tell you this simply is not the case, particularly when it comes to stopping people slipping on boat decks.


Rhino Linings offer a range of floor coatings in attractive colours that will suit your marine vessel.  With the addition of paint flakes or quartz chips, these tough, durable, lightweight epoxy and polyaspartic coatings work in tandem to achieve a high level of marine flooring protection with slip resistant properties.

Rhino ArmaFloor’s strong, durable coatings provide excellent wear resistance from regular foot traffic, it also provides high impact resilience especially when it comes to anchors and other gear regularly being dropped on the floor surface. Rhino Marine Coating


Rhino ArmaFloor presents a multitude of benefits:

  • It’s seamless, therefore algae, bacteria and other growths cannot occur
  • It’s  easy to clean
  • It resists salt water, fuel and is chemically resistant
  • It even provides impact and abrasion resistant properties

Not just for your fishing boat, speed boat or luxury cruiser, Rhino ArmaFloor can be professionally installed by Rhino approved applicators in other areas including pontoons, walkways, or even spaces that require a more unique, decorative finish.   So why not choose the obvious solution, for the ultimate in marine flooring protection opt for a seamless, slip resistant  epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating and protect your marine vessel and your crew.

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