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Rhino Shine Ultra – For That Fresh New Rhino Lined Look

Rhino Shine Ultra - for that fresh new Rhino Lined look

Rhino Shine Ultra was developed to bring the colour and shine back to a Rhino Linings spray applied ute tub and truck tray liners. It can even be used on a newly sprayed liner to help it look great longer.

Rhino Shine works well because it treats the surface where any UV damage is occurring.  It is available in five colours – graphite, flame red, emerald green, indigo blue and black – making it a great alternative to the UV Top coats.

Rhino Shine Ultra  also comes in a clear coat that will add shine to any ute liner.


Successfully applying Rhino Shine Ultra can be accomplished in these three easy steps:

  1. Clean the existing Rhino Lining – sweep or blow out all the big stuff, then scan the tray for oils, grease and wax spots. Remove any remaining contaminants using a cleaner or degreaser.
  2. Tape and mask off all the edges – you want to avoid getting Rhino Shine on painted areas, as it will stick and leave marks. We use masking tape to mask along the rail (if applying over the rail) and in the tailgate areas. You can skip taping and be extra careful with the paintbrush, but it really only takes a few minutes to tape off the perimeter of the truck bed. These extra few minutes will actually allow you to apply Rhino Shine faster and greatly reduce the change of “colouring outside the lines” 😉
  3. Brush or spray Rhino Shine Ultra on bed liner – the Rhino Shine is best applied with a paintbrush (or a HVLP spray gun if you have one).  Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Whether you spray or brush it on, coat the three walls first, then make your way backward down the floor and finish with the tailgate.

Rhino Shine Ultra coloursFrom start to finish you can count on a good 45-60 minutes to apply.

With one 16oz bottle, you would be able to cover one ute.

Rhino Shine dries quickly, although cold temperatures or high humidity will affect your drying times. It’s still much faster than the UV Top Coats which can take hours to dry, plus the liner will retain much of its non-side surface.

Rhino Shine Ultra ready does bring an old Rhino back to like-new condition.

Rhino Shine Ultra is available from our Rhino Online store

Epoxy Coatings For Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturing is an area that must adhere to strict industry regulations. This is an important requirement because of the many health risks that are involved if they don’t. Food is something that is at high risk of bacteria developing, it doesn’t take much, and can even result from something like a minor spill. Not only is there the need to protect food from any bacteria growth but there is also a requirement to protect the workers at a food manufacturing plant.
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Protecting Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring with Kitchen Coatings

When it comes to running a high quality restaurant, safety should be your first priority.  This is why most restaurant owners look for ways that they can improve the safety of their restaurant.  It is not only important that the customers are safe, but it is also important that the staff is safe!  One thing to consider is kitchen coatings for your commercial kitchen flooring.  The kitchen is prone to spills and other messes, which makes it a hazardous area.  This is why you should get slip resistant coating for your kitchen floor.
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Slip Rated Surfaces for Slip Prevention

Most of the time when people fall down and get hurt it is because they slipped on a slippery surface.  This type of injury is actually more common than people think.  If you want to take every action toward slip prevention, slip rated surfaces are mandatory.  The good news is that you can find a variety of slip resistant solutions for your floors that will help to make them safer.  Take a look at a few of the benefits that come from having slip resistant flooring.
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Best Practice Tips for the Auto Mechanic

Flooring - mechanical workshop or automotive workshopWhether you are a seasoned auto mechanic or are just opening your first shop it never hurts to take a look around at your safety for yourself, staff and customers. Here are a few tips to keep your garage accident free and keep the cars in your care safe.
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The Benefits of Concrete Coatings for Your Garage Floor

Concrete coatings offer protection to your garage floor and Polyaspartic coatings offer the added benefit of one-day application and a higher tolerance for extreme temperatures. This means you don’t have to wait forever to get back in your garage, nor do you have to wait for the perfect temperature during either extremely cold or hot weather for ideal application conditions.
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Veranda Coatings

A veranda is an ideal setting to enjoy the scenery, relax after a long day of work, or spend time with family and friends.  Commonly found on cruise ships or hotel properties, many homeowners opt for a veranda to set off an outdoor setting.  Typically an open, roofed, gallery, this scenic area must be protected in order to ensure lasting enjoyment.  Rhino Linings has the products to ensure your outdoor area is protected from the elements while maintaining the look you’re after.  Rhino ArmaFloor veranda coatings provide unsurpassed durability and superior protection—giving you the lasting results you want.  Read more about our coatings for verandas and other areas.
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