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Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Clarifyer - water and wastewater treatment plant

Innovative spray applied seamless coatings for the water and wastewater industry.

Rhino Linings® continues to be a market leader in providing innovative protective coating solutions especially when it comes to infrastructure.  For the last couple of years Rhino has been paying particular attention to the water and wastewater industry and successfully providing innovative solutions for clients within this sector.

Rhino Linings® prides itself on its ability to offer long-term, cost effective protective spray applied polyurethane and pure polyurea solutions.  Our portfolio has been developing considerably by offering customised solutions for stakeholders of  large industrial, mining, water and wastewater projects.

The industry is starting to move away from epoxy solutions as this system is not able to provide the flexibility and extended lifespan that polyureas and polyurethanes provide.  Another advantage of using Rhino spray applied products are:

  • Rapid curing
  • Good elongation properties
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Seamless
  • Impermeable membrane

Sewer Pump Pits

With out proper protection concrete sewer pump pits can erode and degrade rather quickly due to gas attack above the high water mark. Rhino Linings® provides a total “solution” encompassing short term and long-term goals of the project for restoration and long term protection.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Rhino Linings® chemical resistant Polyurethane and Pure Polyurea provides excellent resistance to acidic attack, with its high bond strength to concrete and abrasion resistant flexible properties it is the perfect solution for use in continuously submerged corrosive environments.

Water Channel and Leachate Pond Linings

Rhino Linings® polyurethane spray systems are perfect for lining failed water channels. Lightweight and durable application equipment mean that remote locations and difficult terrain proved no problem for our product technicians. With just one application of our remarkable elastomer and the utilisation of geotextile, the integrity of any channel will be restored effectively preventing further loss of valuable water and increase the transfer flow rate considerably. Rhino Linings® also offers a spray applied membrane for storage ponds.

 Internal Pipe Spray System

Rhino’s innovation extends to the design of the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System.  This system has been designed specifically for pipes which require special protection for the internal transfer of materials including water, wastewater, sewerage, various chemicals and oil.  Spray applied with Polyurethane or Pure Polyurea, the corrosion and impact resistant seamless surface provides superior chemical resistance on internal pipe surfaces, increases flow efficiency of pipes, and reduces gas attack.

Water and Waste Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation Service Includes:

  • Sewerage pump pits,
  • Manholes,
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Potable water tanks
  • Leaks
  • Reservoirs
  • Panel Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
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