Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Articles on Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings

Two Pack Floor Coatings: The Perfect Solution

There is no debating the quality and strength of epoxy floor coatings. They are highly durable and can add years to the life of your floor. Two pack floor coatings, one of the many types of epoxy floor coatings available, are ideal for cement, concrete and non-ferrous metal floors. In other words, two pack floor coatings work best on porous, rough materials. There are many benefits to coating your floors with this type of product, a few of which are listed below.

Extra Tough

While concrete and cement floors are already tough in their own right, when they are sealed with two pack floor coatings, the floors becomes highly resistant to things like acids, alkalis, salt, solvents, and other liquids that typically eat away at or stain porous materials.

Extra Shine

When a floor that is naturally dull in appearance is sealed with two pack floor coatings, it adds a much needed shine and professional appearance to the floor. The coating also deflects dust and other light debris, preventing it from settling in to the cracks and crevices.

Extra Clean

The fact that an application of two-pack floor coating will deflect dust means that the floor will stay cleaner longer. However, it is still important to maintain the floors. The difference is that, once applied, the coating will do a lot of the work for you, and keep the floor cleaner longer.

Extra Choices

Most business owners prefer to have a clear coating applied because the quality shine enhances the floor’s aesthetic nicely. However, a variety of colours are available in two pack floor coatings so that the business owner can add his or her own personality to the look of the garage.

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you, then consider that the coating is also a breeze to apply, and the floor will be ready for use in as little as 16 hours, making it one of the quickest setting products on the market.

Two pack floor coatings are a great way to increase the strength and overall appearance of your floor, while minimizing the required clean up involved.

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